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Love Sac Comic 4

Creative Comics from LoveSac Fans

Life in the Sac is always comfortable, but it also has its funny moments as well! Here are some amateur comic strips I found on DeviantArt that capture the spirit of LoveSac owners.

Little Sac

World’s Smallest LoveSac?

Kevin posted this video on Seenive that shows off his awesome little Lovesac hacky sack. I’ve never seen one of these before so I’m guessing he made it himself?

Moving the Lovesac

Great LoveSac Stories from Around the Web

Moving from one address to the next has its share of headaches, and it would be easy to say moving your LoveSac can be one of them. But it is not easy to stay mad at our favorite piece of furniture, and as the following bloggers describe…LoveSacs can make you laugh even when they are being a bit ornery! [Read More…]

More Fun Stuff

Series 5 Sactional Dimensions

Metro Sactionals Series 5 Review

When it comes to city living, space is at a premium and this typically means making some sacrifices on interior furnishings. But with the LoveSac 5 Series Sactionals you may be able to get the best of both worlds. Also known as Metro Sactionals, the 5 Series line is about 20% smaller than the original […]

PillowSacs are perfect for dorms and bedrooms.

PillowSacs: The Best Blend of Comfort and Versatility

Perhaps the most underrated product in LoveSac’s line of alternative furniture is the PillowSac. This 4.5′ by 6′ over-sized pillow is perfect for college dorm rooms and bedrooms. But the really neat part about PillowSacs is that you can set them up in a variety of ways. If you are confined to a small space […]

LoveSac SuperSac

LoveSac SuperSac Review: The One that Started Everything!

Back when LoveSac founder Shawny D. was selling sacs out of his van while traveling across the country, the SuperSac was the only size available. Today there are several sizes and styles to choose from but this super sack is still the flagship product. The LoveSac SuperSac pretty much defines the features most people think […]

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